Press Clipping
#4019: Cross-Cultural Smorgasbord of World Music

Hear world music of recent vintage for this cross-cultural edition of the show. There are Ladino songs from Sephardic communities around the Mediterranean and Balkans destroyed in WWII adapted by the Guy Mendilow Ensemble as well as Malagasy music from Lala Njava, a singer and guitar player hailing from Madagascar. Also, sample lovely world-jazz-folk music by Kala Jula, who are Malian griot Samba Diabaté and Swiss multi-instrumentalist Vincent Zanetti, accompanied by two French musicians: violinist Jacky Molard and bassist Hélène Labarrière. Then, hear a work from Madagascan valiha star Rajery, the Malian kora-player Ballaké Sissoko and the Moroccan oud maestro Driss El Maloumi, as the trio 3MA.

Listen to trancey desert guitar riffs from producer and guitarist Justin Adams, whose latest unpredictable adventure is a record called Ribbons. On it, he conjures Tuareg rockers and systems music in equal parts, while he is joined by Norwegian vocalist Anneli Drecker (Royksopp.) Then, hear music filtered through Europe, Mongolia and Iran from Meikhâneh, whose name is borrowed from Persian poetry, and means the "House of Intoxication/Drunkenness." Plus, listen to music Sons of Kemet, a U.K. based quartet featuring the talented saxman Shabaka Hutchings. Their tunes are where clarinet and saxophone might be dancing with Klezmer music, while invoking the spirit of both New Orleans and Jamaica.