Press Clipping
Guy Mendilow Ensemble "Tales From A Forgotten Kingdom"

Embark on a musical trek to kingdoms long forgotten and bustling towns now vanished. Follow the stories of vagabond queens, pauper poets and lovers lost to the sea, all set to spellbinding arrangements of old Sephardi songs worthy of symphonic film scores. Wrap these tales up with lush soulful harmonies evoking Flamenco’s gutsiness and the longings of Fado, all combined with heart-pounding percussion, masterful narration and intricate soundscapes. Journey through the Balkans to the Mid-East beginning in Sarajevo and winding through Salónica and Jerusalem. Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom is a sonic adventure brought to life by the Guy Mendilow Ensemble, an award-winning quintet of world-class musicians from Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Japan and the USA.

The intertwining music and storytelling whisks audiences into multicultural metropolises like Sarajevo and picturesque island towns like Rhodes, conjuring an imagi-nation lost to war and
upheaval, recorded in a language that blends archaic Spanish with Arabic, Hebrew and Greek. This ensemble of internationally savvy world musicians delivers a richly textured global experience of haunting beauty.

Tickets range from $16.50-$29.50 and can be purchased via