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A Backstage Tour Of The Forgotten Kingdom (Part 6): When Stories Collide

This week we feature an interview with Guy Mendilow and Rustin Burr on Public Pulse in Sheridan, WY both about The Forgotten Kingdom and, perhaps more importantly, about the stories of a courageous group of girls at the WY Girls School, a holistic, compassionate and restorative school for girls who've been in trouble with the law.

Rustin and Guy cover such topics as:
Why bother studying overlooked cultures and histories?
What is the power of stories vs music?
What gets us to relate to a story?
How do the stories of those we ordinarily dismiss — in this case, teenage "delinquents" — intersect with our stories (and why it may just be vital for us to listen)?
...and also conversation about films like Arrival and Ratatouille.