Press Clipping

Musical director Guy Mendilow takes you on a “musical trek,” letting you journey through the ancient lands of the Ottoman Empire, with songs, sounds and fragrances from Greece, Turkey and Spain. The multinational team of Sofia Tosello/voc, Mike Rivard/b-sintir, Tareq Rantisi/perc, Keita Ogawa/perc, Andy Bergman/wwinds and Chris Baum/v deliver passionate and energetic ensemble work Tosello is sensuous and vibrant with searing violin and incessant guitar rhythms as on “Esta Montana D’Enfrente” while getting reverential with classical strings on the delicate “Hija Mia Querida.” Festive percussion runs through the streets like wild bulls on “Mancevo Del Dor” whle dramatic stories are told on “La Serena.” Hints of Irish jigs and reeds are felt on the visceral voices of “Adio Querida” while the somber “De Saloniki A Auschwitz” has crying vices like a cantor. Mendilow and Tosello do some sensitive and graceful duets in conversant “A La Nana/El Conde Nino” and the tender “La Galan Y La Mar.”
This is an album that takes you on a journey, mixing Lonely Planet travels with Mr. Peabody’s journeys in the Wayback Machine. Jump in!