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Vancouver Event Listings: LOOKING AHEAD

October 2nd at the he Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam and October 5th at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo: Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and skilled arranger Guy Mendilow and his four musical collaborators leap into this world: the intertwining music and storytelling conjure an imagination lost to war and upheaval, recorded in a language that blends archaic Spanish with Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek. By digging deep into Sephardic scholarship and revitalizing the sound recorded on gritty field recordings, Mendilow and company bring tales to life, intertwining voices, percussion, and soulful playing to render these songs in all their color, drama, and heart. The tour will not only feature live music, but a series of lectures and workshops, in which Guy dives deeper into the stories and history of Sephardic culture.